Geek Tank Games Minis for Elemental Enemies Set with images of Cultists, water serpent, Large Air Elemental, and a Fire Salamander
63 minis covering the four elements - Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Consists of various sized Elementals, Cultists, Enforces
GTG Minis Elemental Enemies Set

GTG Minis Elemental Enemies Set

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These minis are sure to bring any tabletop RPG to life, with their beautiful, hand-drawn art and unlimited creative playing options. Our tokens are crafted from a premium plastic material, making them durable, spill-proof and built to last for many adventures to come. Sized for a 1"x1" square battlemap.

The Elemental Enemies Set of 63x assorted minis will place all the enemies your table needs to conjure the primordial powerhouses. With Armored elementals, cult elites, elemental creatures, and various elementals, this set has everything you need to unleash the fury of the elements! 

Art by Trash Mob Minis