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Have you ever found yourself spending precious game time drawing and redrawing battlemaps? Fear not, for in 2020, a tabletop game company was founded, dedicating itself to creating visually creative tabletop tokens and minis for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop role-playing games. So join us at the gaming table, adventurers! We are committed to providing you with the best possible gaming experience, and we can’t wait to see you there!


Styles of Minis 


Distinct art styles


Lightweight & portable


Durable & spill proof  

Reviewed by the community

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I was looking for this exact product. Was in the market for quality terrain, while also being new to the hobby, and nothing else hit the price to product marker for a full table. Modular systems are fantastic!

Jeremy M.


I wanted a great variation in miniatures that I didn't have to paint and that takes up very few space.

Leon V.


I use a lot of cardboard stand-ups. Your products work well with them.

Greg G.


Your 2D minis offer a really easy way to get a lot of good-looking figures for my Dnd sessions. It's much more cost effective than buying 3D miniatures and they're actually less likely to get damaged then some of the 2D acrylic minis that I have, which are prone to breaking.

Ryan B.


I originally only had what I like to call "Baby's First 3D Printer," so I needed a TON of options, and GTG's minis provide that!

Scott L.

New York

The amount of minis in such a compact storage design, plus the vast multitude of props and designs we could use in the game to help bring designs to the dungeons and rooms. It’s been a huge help to quickly grab something to add be it a tree, a bed, or a new NPC.

Jason G.


I love the variety and the art work. It lets my students have a better understanding of what they can create when playing D&D.

Brad D.


A wide variety of uses for a reasonable price and I get to have some stand up miniatures for games without a whole ton of storage. The tabletop token also bring encounters to life very quickly.

Quinn R.


I had just started DMing and needed minis with a small budget, these were absolutely what I was looking for!

Matan K.


The value you get in terms of the amount of pieces and quality of said pieces for the price point is hard to come by in this hobby

Drew K.

North Carolina

This was an affordable way to quickly build up an extensive mini collection. Also, I like the art style quite a lot for the theme of the games I run.

Jacob E.


So many minis to catalog and admire before my players get murder...I mean..make some new friends!

Kage O.


Holy crap. The quality of these minis are so good for being flat minis. I am blown away by how good these are.

Robert P.


Making maps can be a bit of a time killer, especially if you know that your session will cover more than one scene. GTG Tabletop Tokens can significantly cut down on prep time.


New York

I received my order today and the artwork style is fantastic! I realized I forgot to order a specific set I wanted and was able to just place another order right away with no problem because of FREE SHIPPING!!

Wade C.

New York