Michael Kane

I’m Michael Kane, a gamer from Austin, Texas, and the founder of Geek Tank Games. Geek Tank Games is a company for ideas that get put into practice. We make games and products for the table-top enthusiast.

I’ve always wanted to create something everyone would enjoy, something for the game master who is tired of drawing up objects on the battlemap. I, personally, was tired of stopping mid-game to draw a new room; I always felt rushed, and the outcome was always subpar.



With our premium plastic tokens for tabletop RPGs, though, you can simply toss them onto your battlemap while setting up for gaming sessions, and *BAM* - You’re done. Each token is hand-drawn and scaled to a 1” x 1” battlemap, which opens up a new level of immersion.

Currently, we are offering a camping set, a castle furnishings set and a castle siege set - everything that gamers need to outfit battlemaps. This is only the beginning. We have several other designs in the works like graveyard, treasure room, shipping docks… We can't wait to make more.