Scenario Idea - I Got a Little Secret

Scenario Idea - I Got a Little Secret

I've got a little secret to share with you. When it comes to traditional fantasy story themes, the trope of the "kidnapped prince/princess" is all well and good, but why not add a little bit of spice to the mix? I mean, come on, who doesn't love a good old fashioned betrayal?

This TTRPG theme can bring layers of intrigue and deception to the game and keep your players on the edge of their seats until the very end. The themes include: Royalty, Betrayal, Political intrigue, Medieval fantasy. The goal for players is to uncover the truth and stop the prince/princess from carrying out their nefarious plans. As a dungeon master, this theme can help with world building and give players a clear end goal.

Picture this, you and your crew of knights, sworn to protect the kingdom and its royal family, receive a distress call from the palace. You rush over to find that the prince/princess has seized control and is planning to overthrow the reigning monarch. The players must navigate the treacherous political landscape of the kingdom, gathering allies and uncovering evidence of the prince/princess's wrongdoing.

But here's the twist, as you dig deeper, you may discover that the prince/princess has formed alliances with powerful criminals and dark wizards. They may also learn that the prince/princess has been manipulating events for years, and that their rise to power was not as sudden as it seemed.

To add an extra layer of complexity, the prince/princess could be a sympathetic villain. They may believe that they are doing what is best for the kingdom, and that their actions are justifiable. This can lead to moral dilemmas for the players, as they question whether they are truly on the side of good.

One way to add a little extra excitement and challenge for your players is to include a puzzle that they must solve in order to reveal the prince/princess's true plans. For example, the players may stumble upon a mysterious map that seems to be missing a key piece. The players must search the palace and surrounding area to find the missing piece, which will reveal the location of a secret meeting between the prince/princess for a side quest! 

And let's be real, who doesn't love a good puzzle? It's like finding the last piece of a jigsaw, except the prize is a picture of a llama instead of saving the kingdom. 

Ultimately, the players will have to decide whether to try to redeem the prince/princess or stop them at any cost. The final confrontation could take place in the palace, with the players fighting their way through the prince/princess's loyal followers to reach the throne room.

This theme can be used to create a game that is full of intrigue, deception, and moral dilemmas. It's a great way to add a fresh twist to the classic fantasy story and keep players engaged throughout the game. This TTRPG story theme will make your players feel like they are in a real medieval fantasy world.

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