Custom Storage Sheets for Table Top Tokens and Minis. Secure Storage Sheets that with small, medium, large, and giant pouches that fit all of Geek Tank Game's minis & tokens
Custom Storage Sheets
Custom Storage Sheets
Example of Storage sheet of Small/medium mini slots. Holds 5 rows of 4 minis per row. Sheets are double sided with a flap at the top row

Custom Storage Sheets

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Custom storage sheets that can fit into any three-ring binder. With this, the DM can now keep his monsters organized, getting rid of boxes and basements full of 3D terrain and minis. These sheets will also fit our Tabletop Tokens terrain! 


Each pack of sheets include 10 sheets! 

4x sheets for Small/Med minis with 20 pockets per sheet, so 20 x 4 = 160 pockets on one side  

4x sheets for Large/Huge minis with 5 pockets per sheet, so 5 x 4 = 40 pockets on one side  

2x Giant sheets for anything greater than that and is one big pocket at 8.5x11 on one side  

Each sheet is also double sided for twice the storage capacity