Geektankgames minis featuring undead creatues such as skeletons, ghouls, zombies and drowned masters!
72 tokens covering skeletons, necromancers, ghouls, zombies, mummies, and all things undead

GTG Minis Undead Set

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These minis are sure to bring any tabletop RPG to life, with their beautiful, hand-drawn art and unlimited creative playing options. Our tokens are crafted from a premium plastic material, making them durable, spill-proof and built to last for many adventures to come. Sized for a 1"x1" square battlemap.

The Undead Set of 72x assorted minis is a bone-chilling horde of animated undead advisories raiding your tabletop. TTRPG Classics - these colorful corpses include mummies, ghouls, ghasts, liches, drowned pirates and more to get your scare on!

Art by Trash Mob Minis