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Importance of Dungeon Masters

Being a Dungeon Master (DM) in a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) is no easy feat and is truly a labor of love. But when done right, it can be an absolute blast. As a DM, you are responsible for creating and maintaining the game world, controlling non-player characters (NPCs), and guiding the players through the story. Here are the top things a DM does to enhance the gaming experience for their players.



  • Creates a game world: DMs are responsible for creating the setting, history, laws, and atmosphere of the game world. They also create NPCs, which are the non-player characters that the players interact with. These NPCs can be anything from shopkeepers to kings, and they can help to shape the story and the players' actions. Down to the culture, way they think, what they eat, how they walk to the tavern is part of building the game world!
  • Controls the flow of the game: DMs use their knowledge of the game world and NPCs to guide the players through the story. They also use their knowledge of the game rules to ensure that the game is played fairly and that everyone has a chance to shine. Our own DMs often use online tools such as DnDBeyond to help color within the lines.  
  • Provides a sense of immersion: DMs use descriptive language and vivid imagery to help players envision the game world and the NPCs they encounter. This can help players feel more connected to the game and more invested in the story.
  • Poses challenges: DMs create challenges and obstacles for the players to overcome. These challenges can be anything from puzzles to battles, and they help to keep the game interesting and engaging. If you are seeking some challenge examples or ideas, check back as we will have a post about that in the future! 
  • Acts as a storyteller: DMs craft an exciting and memorable story for the players to experience. They use their creativity and imagination to create new worlds, characters, and adventures for the players to explore. 
  • Encourages player creativity: DMs encourage players to think critically, make strategic decisions, and explore their own characters' motivations. They also give players the freedom to make choices and shape the story.
  • Creates a fun and safe space: DMs create an inclusive and enjoyable environment for the players to play in. They foster a sense of camaraderie among players and ensure everyone has a good time. 

As DMs ourselves, the right tools can make all the difference (ugh - who wants to draw and redraw rocks and trees). That's why GeekTankGames tokens were developed! They help bring the NPCs to life and make it easier for DMs to keep track of movements during combat. A good DM with some awesome tokens & minis, that's a recipe for an unforgettable gaming experience.

So, grab your dice and let's get this game started! 🎲

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