Scenario Idea - The Pendant of Xar'gothoth

Scenario Idea - The Pendant of Xar'gothoth

The Pendant of Xar'gothoth

In an abandoned castle, not a soul in sight - A small pendant is discovered, its origins unknown but its beauty and craftsmanship undeniable. Little did those who found it know, but they had stumbled upon an artifact of a long-forgotten deity, the Great Old One known as Xar'gothoth.

Xar'gothoth was a powerful being that had once ruled over the realm with an iron fist, exerting its influence over all living things slowly destroying the people it ruled. But as the eons passed, its power faded and it was eventually relegated to myth and legend. 

However, the pendant remained as a remnant of its power, and as the players came into contact with it, they found themselves slowly falling under its sway. At first, it was subtle - their weapons felt heavier, their spells less effective, and their rolls in battles and skill checks slightly off.

But as time went on, the players began to realize that the pendant was not just a simple piece of jewelry, but a tool of Xar'gothoth's will. They felt its influence growing stronger, driving them to madness and despair, and knew that they had to act quickly if they were to break free from its grasp.

Try as they might, the pendant refused to be disposed of. No matter how many times they threw it away, it would always reappear in a party member's bag, almost… taunting them with its presence.

The players set out on a quest to find the source of the pendant's power, seeking answers from wise sages and ancient tomes. It was a perilous journey, full of danger and uncertainty, but they pressed on, determined to rid themselves of the pendant's influence.

They eventually discovered an ancient ritual that would banish Xar'gothoth back to its realm of slumber, and with great effort and determination, they performed the ritual, breaking the deity's hold over them and freeing themselves from its grasp. 

In the end, the players' bravery and determination inspired others to stand against the forces of evil and resist the temptation of Xar'gothoth's power. The story of the pendant of Xar'gothoth became a cautionary tale of the dangers of giving in to temptation and the importance of standing up against the forces of darkness. If only they could find the pendant… 

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